Everyone talks green , but not everyone delivers on the commitment quite like the folks from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. When it came to furnishing their beautiful new offices WPC made a philosophical decision to use as much recycled and previously used furniture as possible. Working closely with WPC project manager Kara Wienand and the talented staff at Pffafman & Associates Architects , CIS secured a full donation from a major corporate donor of over (50) Steelcase workstations. Frankly, finding the workstations was the easy part.

The CIS team then had to make certain that the workstation components would properly fit in the new space. Additionally all electrical raceways had to be updated, and of course the office cubicles had to be carefully dissembled, transported, and re-installed without any damage. When it was all said and done, WPC met every one of their project objectives including a cost savings of nearly $200,000!

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